Film photography – Fort Canning

I tried different black and white films and I prefer Arktar films the most. It gives more contract and add more crisp to the pictures. 

I explored Fort Canning Park in Singapore, a small hilltop that has been through parts of the country’s history. Greenery natures and heritage buildings can be found here which is a favourite tourism spot Today. 

It is also a great venue for celebrations such as weddings and parties. Concerts in the Park and Theatre productions are also held here. This place definitely has something for everyone and it is perfect for family gatherings. 


Film photography – Street Art

My first encounter with film photography was in 2012 when my ex-colleague introduced me to his interest. I learned about the varieties of films and the different results from post processing methods. 

I bought a second-hand nikon film camera with prime lens and tried it with Arista Premium 400. It was challenging for the first time as I had only 1 chance for each shot. The final results for first attempt, I can say not very satisfied which also means more room for improvement. 

Summer clouds

It has been 35-degree weather this week in Singapore. 

Scorching sun, humid air, sweaty arms. 

Random clouds in the clear blue sky, but not any that turns dark to rain. Good weather for outdoor activities, but I’m too lazy to get myself out of the air-conditioned room to “enjoy” the sun. 

This feels much better. Haha. Good weekend people. 

Fujikyu – Japan

I miss the day when I woke up to see Mount Fuji just outside my hotel window. I miss the day when I stepped out to the streets in the cool breeze on a bright sunny day. And I took one of the world-record coaster rides, first and also the last in my lifetime. Haha. It was sure a memorable experience during the trip. 

Some thoughts about happiness

Every individual has his own definition of happiness. Some find it in their jobs, some find it in their hobbies and interests. Some feel happy when they have huge assets in their bank accounts, some feel it when they just had enough money in their pockets to buy an ice-cream during summer.

We complained about lifes at times. We compare, we feel jealous, we find hatred. Children in complete families can have as many things as they want from their parents, but they are still unhappy about their parents’ nagging and complain about not having freedom. In contrary, children in orphanage can only have the little things that are donated or provided by the schools or kind people, but what they ask for is only love and warmth from their parents if only they can.

It is common to hear from people grumbling about their wages and how desperate they are to find a new job. They think that the grass is always greener on the other side. But will they stop grouching about their lifes after getting a higher-paid job? No, they will find that they have lesser self-time and spending more weekends in the office than at home.

What is the key happiness in your life? Is it health or wealth? Is it being single and having freedon, or getting married and having babies? Is it spending all your savings for travelling, or invest in more assets rather than going for holidays? No matter what it is, find it and feel good about it. There is no right or wrong in this state of happiness. Every one deserves to have it in whatever way they want it to be.

For me, it would be the happiest thing in my life to be able to travel around the world. In order to achieve that, I work hard to save enough money and I keep a healthy lifestyle. I have a circle of friends who share the same thoughts about happiness, and I try to enlarge this circle as I travel.

“Happiness is a choice, not a result. Your happiness will not come to you. It can only come from you.’ – Ralph Harslon

Eat and Shop at Ramadan Bazaar 2016

Every year, we celebrate Ramadan and the streets along Geylang Serai will be lighted up with sparkling displays. 

I always look forward to the bazaar as I can find delicious snacks and interesting stuff there. 

Colorful clothes selling at the bazaar for the New Year. 

Curtains, carpets, flowers and other small fanciful decorations can be found here too. 

I like to eat the cookies during the festival. Other than the Ramly burger that we can usually find in the night markets, this time I found a lot of appealing snacks and drinks such as the Thai iced milk tea (heavenly nice!) and the watermelon volcano that has watermelon balls, condensed milk syrup and shaved ice all served in a watermelon husk. These are the thirst quenchers for the humid and crowded space. Slurps!
There are too much scrumptious snacks to discover and I can’t wait to go again soon!

City – where i call Home

Singapore, where I was born, has always been giving people the impression of “clean” and “green”. Well, indeed it is and the people living here has always been having the mindset of keeping our city clean. Not only we have such graceful environment, the night scenaries and colorful streets are also an attraction to the tourists. 

Last year we celebrated our 50 years of independence. We are so proud that the huge effort we have put in these 50 years of hardship, we have managed to develop from a small harbor to a vibrant city now. 

The different cultures make up the colorful and happenings streets here in Singapore. We celebrate festivals for different races and religions together as one big family. We live in a fast-paced yet work-life balanced society, as we organise family days and runs to keep a healthy lifestyle. 

Singapore is indeed a nice place to visit or live in. Do come over for a holiday whenever possible! 🙂

Street walk at JB

It was a sunny morning when I decided to go for a day trip to our neighbouring city, Johor Bahru (JB).

The weather turned bad when I stepped into Tan Hock Kee Heritage street. But well, I still continued to explore in the rain and found the famous Hiap Joo bakery down the street.

There was a queue outside the small traditional bakery, all waiting to buy the freshly baked banana cakes. It is a must-try in JB.

After queuing for nearly half an hr, I managed to grab 3 boxes of the banana cakes, and headed off to a drum-themed cafe further down the same street.

The Drums cafe has drums hanging on top and also as table tops. The drums sticks are used to form the Chinese character on the wall. I had a nice Yong Tau Foo lunch with a glass of iced Chinese Mango Tea.

After the contented meal, I carried on to tour the roadsides and discovered a few street art on the walls and turnstiles.

It was indeed a fruitful day trip. I had a sense of achievement to be able to find these stalls despite only a little research on the city and a couple screenshots of the google map. Thank God I didn’t lose my way!

I will do more research on other themed cafes, traditional coffeshops and ensure I make it happen again soon! 🙂

Travel is my therapy, photography is my soul

I’m a Singaporean who likes to capture moments of life whenever and wherever I am in the world. My first exposure to photography was in 2010 when I got my first DSLR. I realised that I can express my thoughts better in my shots rather than I speak. I took up basic and documentary photography lessons in School of Photography Singapore and I found my passion growing stronger in street photography. I love to express emotions through people and happenings on the streets.


These photos were taken in a temple at Chinatown Street during my first outdoor shoot. Instead of taking photos in a scenic angle, I chose to take personal and abstract shots of the people and architecture. It was a tough job for me in the beginning, luckily I managed to accomplish the mission, in cold sweat.


This is considered my best photoshoot taken during one of my outdoor photoshoot lessons then. It was taken at a backstage of a street performance during the Chinese Ghost Festival in Singapore. It is a tradition to have these stage performances in the neighbourhood during the festival. That night, I was walking around the stage when I caught this young boy playing handheld game at the backstage while waiting for his parents to finish watching the performance. I managed to capture his silhouette through the stage backdrop with shadows of the singer and the drummer on stage.

This is my first blog ever and I am excited to share my experiences and thoughts through this platform with the people around the world. I will continue to share more of my achievements during the years and moving on.

Nice to meet you all and Cheers!! 🙂