Film photography – Fort Canning

I tried different black and white films and I prefer Arktar films the most. It gives more contract and add more crisp to the pictures. 

I explored Fort Canning Park in Singapore, a small hilltop that has been through parts of the country’s history. Greenery natures and heritage buildings can be found here which is a favourite tourism spot Today. 

It is also a great venue for celebrations such as weddings and parties. Concerts in the Park and Theatre productions are also held here. This place definitely has something for everyone and it is perfect for family gatherings. 


Film photography – Street Art

My first encounter with film photography was in 2012 when my ex-colleague introduced me to his interest. I learned about the varieties of films and the different results from post processing methods. 

I bought a second-hand nikon film camera with prime lens and tried it with Arista Premium 400. It was challenging for the first time as I had only 1 chance for each shot. The final results for first attempt, I can say not very satisfied which also means more room for improvement. 

Summer clouds

It has been 35-degree weather this week in Singapore. 

Scorching sun, humid air, sweaty arms. 

Random clouds in the clear blue sky, but not any that turns dark to rain. Good weather for outdoor activities, but I’m too lazy to get myself out of the air-conditioned room to “enjoy” the sun. 

This feels much better. Haha. Good weekend people.