Eat and Shop at Ramadan Bazaar 2016

Every year, we celebrate Ramadan and the streets along Geylang Serai will be lighted up with sparkling displays. 

I always look forward to the bazaar as I can find delicious snacks and interesting stuff there. 

Colorful clothes selling at the bazaar for the New Year. 

Curtains, carpets, flowers and other small fanciful decorations can be found here too. 

I like to eat the cookies during the festival. Other than the Ramly burger that we can usually find in the night markets, this time I found a lot of appealing snacks and drinks such as the Thai iced milk tea (heavenly nice!) and the watermelon volcano that has watermelon balls, condensed milk syrup and shaved ice all served in a watermelon husk. These are the thirst quenchers for the humid and crowded space. Slurps!
There are too much scrumptious snacks to discover and I can’t wait to go again soon!


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