City – where i call Home

Singapore, where I was born, has always been giving people the impression of “clean” and “green”. Well, indeed it is and the people living here has always been having the mindset of keeping our city clean. Not only we have such graceful environment, the night scenaries and colorful streets are also an attraction to the tourists. 

Last year we celebrated our 50 years of independence. We are so proud that the huge effort we have put in these 50 years of hardship, we have managed to develop from a small harbor to a vibrant city now. 

The different cultures make up the colorful and happenings streets here in Singapore. We celebrate festivals for different races and religions together as one big family. We live in a fast-paced yet work-life balanced society, as we organise family days and runs to keep a healthy lifestyle. 

Singapore is indeed a nice place to visit or live in. Do come over for a holiday whenever possible! 🙂


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