Street walk at JB

It was a sunny morning when I decided to go for a day trip to our neighbouring city, Johor Bahru (JB).

The weather turned bad when I stepped into Tan Hock Kee Heritage street. But well, I still continued to explore in the rain and found the famous Hiap Joo bakery down the street.

There was a queue outside the small traditional bakery, all waiting to buy the freshly baked banana cakes. It is a must-try in JB.

After queuing for nearly half an hr, I managed to grab 3 boxes of the banana cakes, and headed off to a drum-themed cafe further down the same street.

The Drums cafe has drums hanging on top and also as table tops. The drums sticks are used to form the Chinese character on the wall. I had a nice Yong Tau Foo lunch with a glass of iced Chinese Mango Tea.

After the contented meal, I carried on to tour the roadsides and discovered a few street art on the walls and turnstiles.

It was indeed a fruitful day trip. I had a sense of achievement to be able to find these stalls despite only a little research on the city and a couple screenshots of the google map. Thank God I didn’t lose my way!

I will do more research on other themed cafes, traditional coffeshops and ensure I make it happen again soon! 🙂


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